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Tune in as leaders of manufacturing companies share with Ari Santiago how they overcame business challenges and found new ways to excel.

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Live from 2023 ACM Aerospace Alley, Part 1

Live from the 2023 ACM Aerospace Alley Tradeshow

This week, join us for 3 fantastic interviews recorded live at the Aerospace Components Manufacturers Aerospace Alley tradeshow on November 1. Chris Kielb from Advance Welding, Amy Thompson from CCAT and Jim Reeser from Production Metals share their views on the value of the event, as well as what their organizations are involved in. 


Chris Kielb, President of Advance Welding, talks about the value of getting involved in the ACM, his background, and Advance Welding. He shares some secrets to getting great employees - and it involves investing a lot of time and energy in developing young talent.

Amy Thompson, Chief Training Officer at CCAT, introduces CCAT's new Digital Thread Training program. She explains what the program is, why it's vitally important for smaller manufacturers, and how CCAT is training the workforce of the future.

Jim Reeser, President of Production Metals, talks to Ari at the ACM tradeshow about their 5 year old full-line metal distribution business that is growing like crazy and filling a desired niche in the market.

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