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Finding Your Niche in Manufacturing with Dave Marcil, Reno Machine

Dave Marcil, Reno Machine and Ari Santiago, CompassMSP

This episode is all about finding your niche! Ari speaks with Dave Marcil from Reno Machine about both finding his own personal niche in the manufacturing industry and how Reno Machine found their valuable machining niche as well.


Dave shares his background in tinkering, trade school, and his career path through multiple manufacturing roles. He shows how careers can twist and turn before landing on something you truly love.

Dave then talks about Reno Machine, which provides high-quality contract machining and support services, and specializing in Large-Format Gantry 5-Axis Machining. 

Dave speaks to the challenges and upsides of being in a niche market, including capacity limits, finding and training good people, and scaling the business.

Finally, Dave talks about Reno Machine's initiatives to connect with trade schools and inspire the next generation of makers.

Dave Marcil, Reno Machine
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Ari Santiago, CEO, CompassMSP
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Dave and Ari discuss:
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