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Tune in as leaders of manufacturing companies share with Ari Santiago how they overcame business challenges and found new ways to excel.

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Solving Tough Engineering Challenges with Mark Mangiafico, Peter Paul

Mark Mangiafico, Peter Paul, and Ari Santiago, CompassMSP

When your business becomes known for handling tough engineering challenges, you might find that growth follows! Peter Paul makes solenoid valves for some of the most challenging flow solution applications.


In this episode, Ari talks to Mark Mangiafico, President of Peter Paul about growing up in and around his family business. They talk about the benefits of spending time outside of the business to learn valuable skills and processes you can bring back to the team.

Mark and Ari then talk about the company's growth over the years, which Mark attributes to being great at application engineering. Their growth has been 100% organic while their go to market strategy is a simple one of web presence and tradeshows.

Mark also talks to Ari about the power of Lean Manufacturing and how it has helped their business as well as their customers. They discuss how Peter Paul has implemented Lean and have taught their customers the best ways to integrate with Peter Paul's Lean systems to improve their own supply chain issues.

Mark's favorite business book:  Energy Leadership: Transforming Your Workplace and Your Life from the Core,  Bruce D Schneider

Mark Mangiafico, Peter Paul
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Mark and Ari discuss:
Lean Manufacturing
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