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Customer collaboration and IOT with Sam Simons, OEM Controls

Sam Simons, OEM Controls and Ari Santiago, CompassMSP

When you combine entrepreneurial spirit, customer collaboration, and technology, you get a well-run company that leans into technological advancements. That's what we're learning about in this episode with Sam Simons, President of OEM Controls. 


On this episode, Ari and Sam talk about OEM Controls, which specializes in industrial joystick controllers as well as Internet of Things (IOT) hardware that allows data from the customers' machines to be collected and analyzed. 

Ari and Sam talk about what IOT is, how OEM is harnessing it, and the many applications that will help their customers' machinery be more efficient, cost effective, and safe. They discuss how OEM Controls collaborates with other companies and their customers to be sure that end users get the products they need. They also dive into OEM Controls' Agile/Lean journey.  

It's a technology-forward, lively conversation!

Sam's favorite book: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey and Plan to Pivot, Gerry Starsia  
Sam Simons, OEM Controls
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