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Tune in as leaders of manufacturing companies share with Ari Santiago how they overcame business challenges and found new ways to excel.

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Survive and thrive for generations: Henry Siemon, The Siemon Company

This episode is jam-packed with great lessons for manufacturers. Henry Siemon talks to Ari about his 5th generation company and their ability to stay relevant and innovative to continue on as a powerful technology manufacturer.

Henry and Ari discuss the challenges of being a new CEO and the benefits of a long transition time.


They round out the conversation talking about i4.0 technology and the benefits of automation. The Siemon Company is able to keep a lot of their manufacturing in the US while giving their workers higher skills and a better livelihood.

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Ari Santiago, CEO, CompassMSP

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Podcast: made in america

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Henry and Ari talk about:

the 5th generation business

getting into manufacturing

starting off his career at Deloitte

diving into supply chain management

working for Apple

continuous improvement

the challenges of leadership

investing in technology


diversifying for a better supply chain

surrounding yourself with people who are smarter than you


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