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Tune in as leaders of manufacturing companies share with Ari Santiago how they overcame business challenges and found new ways to excel.

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Making a name in distilled liquors with Tony Tine, Waypoint Spirits

Anthony Tine and Ari Santiago on the Made in America series

In this episode, Ari talks to Tiny Tine, co-owner of Waypoint Spirits. They discuss the challenges of developing a local distillery, using their taproom as a testing ground, and expanding their reach through sports team partnerships.


This local hand-crafted distillery is making a name for themselves starting in CT but aiming nationwide. Tony talks about their R&D process, their high-level business plan, and how they thinking about expansion. They are looking at 2023 as their "breakout year" and we're here for it!

Tony Tine, Co-Owner, Waypoint Spirits
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Ari Santiago, CEO, CompassMSP
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