Made in America Series

with Ari Santiago

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Tune in as leaders of manufacturing companies share with Ari Santiago how they overcame business challenges and found new ways to excel.

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Part 1- Live from the 2022 ACM Aerospace Alley Tradeshow!

We love taking the tradeshow live to the Aerospace Component Manufacturer's Aerospace Alley tradeshow! This episode was recorded with guests from the tradeshow floor and has all the energy you'd expect from a tradeshow.

Ari starts out with the President of the Aerospace Components Manufacturer's organization, and President of ACMT, Inc, Michael Polo. Michael is so passionate about getting students involved in manufacturing and talks all about how they do that in the ACM and at ACMT, Inc as well.


At 18:10 Jack Lukasik, President of Satellite Tool & Machine Co, Inc joins Ari to talk about the cool things they are making, the growth of the organization, and their new VP of Engineering.

Finally, join Ari at 34:37 to hear Paul Surowaniec, General Manager of J&P Manufacturing, talk about their small, but growing turning shop, what it's like working with family, and his excitement about being at his very first ACM tradeshow.

A special thank you to ACM for featuring the Made in America podcast recordings in their latest newsletter. 

"The Made in America podcast with Ari Santiago was running
throughout the day and Ari captured some fantastic interviews with
our members! Check out the first round released this week: Part 1-
Live from the 2022 ACM Aerospace Alley Tradeshow!"

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